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Research Thrust Area


  • Non Communicable disease associated with CVS ,Oncology, respiratory & disorder, and ophthalmology
  • Communicable disease – diarrhea , viral infection , and malaria
  • Proteomics and Genomics in Potentially Malignant Lesions in Oral cavity (Oral leukoplakia, Oral Sub mucous fibrosis, Oral Lichen Planus) and Oral Malignancy
  • Life-Style disorder and metabolic disease
  • Structured physiotherapy and geriatric patients
  • The role of vitamin D and Thiamine in different types of Headaches
  • Identification and molecular characterization of active principles from herbal sources for the treatment of metabolic diseases
  • Drug withdrawal and Postoperative EEG in epilepsy surgery
  • Stem Cell and tissue engineering
  • Salivary biomarkers for assessment of cervical lymph node metastasis
  • Drug withdrawal and Postoperative EEG in epilepsy surgery
  • Traditional medicines and drug delivery
  • Biomaterials and medical devices
  • Sickle Cell and its trait analysis in Gujarat region